Caminando por Lima

Lima is a special place. I hear the traffic, breath in the contaminated air, look at the grey modern buildings growing around without any plan or imagination – and I hate it. I see the old colonial center,  the tiny shops that are almost extinct in Europe, go to the market where the chickens hang from the hooks, I talk to the people – and I love it.

Actually, I talk to people a lot, mostly Peruvians. It turned out to be extremely easy when I travel around by myself.

I met a religious lady in front of the church, during Fiesta de la Virgen de Carmen. Her son got married when he was 37, excepcionally late here in Perú.

In the bar I met an older man who works as a limousine driver for the government people. He is paied for 8 hours per day, practically it is always 15. He says it is a good job.

On the bus I met a guy who teaches guitar and drums, he used to play with his band in the bars of Miraflores.

A family asked me to take a picture of them on Placa de Armas. Their son studies in New York, dauther teaches English. They surely belong to the high level of the society.

All this gives me this picture of Lima which some tourist never see. A place where the rich mixes with the poor, the old with the new, the extremly religious with the secular. It is maybe not always beautiful, but for sure fascinating.

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