El Díos es hermoso

My first day in Lima was already planned. I was going to start with the Iglesia de San Francisco and make an easy relaxing walk through the Placa de Armas and streets of old Lima.

From the Iglesia de San Francisco, I spontanously turned to the small park. I was looking at the poor district of Cerro de San Cristobal when a girl, named Cielo, asked me “¿Tu hablas ingles, no?”. As I realized later,  it was her way of asking “You are a foreigner, right?”.

I didn´t go to Plaça de Armas any more that day. Instead I cooked dinner with Cielo´s family, who turned out to be those Peruvians with legendary hospitality.  Cielo, her parents and two brothers live in the outskirts of Lima, in Puente de Piedra. Their small and modest house is built on the hill, in a quite area, with the stunning view over the whole area. Maria Elena, Cielo´s mother, says that the only thing in her life she forgot to ask the God for, was prosperity and money. She also said that it was God who put me on her way… I looked at the poor house, and those wonderful people living in it, and I though that maybe it was true…

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