Perú, here I am

After over 35 hours of travelling, 18 hours on the plane, 14h layover in Sao Paulo, I arrived in Lima. It was almost midnight. Exausted, I just got into the taxi sent by the hotel and we drove through the dark and empty streets into the city center. The first view of Lima I will always remember, from the patio of the hotel  that night, was the church of San Francisco. I was immediately under Lima´s charm.


Brasil for a day

My layover in Sao Paulo was actually really great. All thanks to Gabi, who did a wonderful job guiding me through this monstrous city. Brasil welcomed me with clouds and Sao Paulo in the rain is not very convincing. The skyscrapers are overwhelming in their size, the wide streets look grey and foggy. But there are some nice corners, amazing parks (looking at the exotic trees I felt for the first time that I am in South America), and this cultural mixture on the streets which I like so much. One can feel it is one of those cities that never sleeps, multicultural and vivid.

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