Pre-Columbian Lima

Chasing the traces of the ancient civilizations in and around Lima, I visited a couple of archeological sites and museums.

In the center of the modern district of Lima, Miraflores, rises the Huaca Pucllana, an ancient religious and administration center. Although surrounded by tall contemporary buildings, it still impresses with its size, especially considering that a large part of the place used to extend far beyond the area it covers now. 

The largest religious center around Lima was Pachacamac, a huge archeological site around 1h by bus away from the city (getting there by public transport is an adventure in itself!). The archeologists identified here 17 pyramids, the main being the Temple of the Sun build by the Inca. Sadly, if you are not and archeologist, you can hardly distinguish the buildings from the sandy background. The Pachacamac, translated as an Earth-Maker (Pacha means Earth or World), was the God of the Earthquakes, feared by the whole population in the area.

The ceramics found the museums in Lima are truely fascinating! The depict all the details of the ancient life in Peru: the plants, the animals, the everyday work of the people. And I mean ALL the details – in case you ever wondered how prudish were the pre-Columbian civilizations about their sex-life, take a look at one of the pictures below…

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2 thoughts on “Pre-Columbian Lima

  1. hahaha, yes i love the ancient sculptures where the penis is as large as the body…. it’s a man’s world, eh?

    oh, i wish i was seeing all these places too!!!! my favourite sapa inca was pachacutti, i think it means something like “turning the world upside down”. love that. but then the spanish came toward the end of his reign, and the “viracocha” gods turned out to be demons. how sad is the destruction of native cultures!

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