Colors of Huaraz

Blue, green, turquoise, red, cardinal, pink, bronze, maroon, scarlett, yellow, orange, lila, magenta, lime, purple. The list has no end. There seem to be no rules apart from one: colors must be strong and contrasting. Nothing limits the imagination, no combination is taboo.

I admire the traditional peruvian feeling for colors.  Shirt in vivid red, dark green pullover, skirt in intense blue, pink blanket filled with medicinal plants, two thick black braids under the bright hat with a large brim. That’s a typical picture of a Quechua lady from the Sierra. The whole outfit is accompanied by the thick wool leggins (usually in a different color than the rest). The Quechua lady would ask: “How can a woman ever wear a skirt without leggins?” : )

Sadly, as anywhere else in world, the young do not follow the customs of the elderly. In the cities, the vibrant colors have been displaced by the pale blue of the jeans and the grey of the sporty jumpers. It is the comfort, substituting the tradition.

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2 thoughts on “Colors of Huaraz

  1. love their hats. Wanna have similar! But there is still plenty of time to remind u about this 😉 Meanwhile, enjoy Peru will all your senses. Un beso!

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