(Inter)cambio de planes

Before I came to Perú, a friend who used to live here told me, half-joking half-serious: “You can throw your planning calender away, in this country it is completely useless!”. Indeed, it was one of the first things I learned: no plan is the best plan. And if you have a plan, you probably will have to change it anyway!

I was eager to start my work at school as soon as possible. But my excitemement was quickly cooled down, when early morning, on the first day of the new semester, I heard: “Change of plans, we need you for a whole week as a translator for a peruvian-german exchange program”. Ironically, years ago, I was thinking about translation as a possible career choice! Now I had a chance to try my skills.

It turned out to be more relaxing than challenging job, my duty was just to hang out with four german vistors and their peruvian guides, all members of an international christian organization JOC. As much as I was disappointed by this change of plans at the beginning, at the end it turned out to be a great experience, giving me a chance to know the city and the area a bit better.

Yumagual was the first place I visited with my german-peruvian team. Around 30 minutes drive from the city, hidden deep in the green valley, one finds hot springs and thermal waters falling down in a series of cascades. At the entrance to the valley stands an abandoned house, some of its rooms looking like baths. Apparently this beautiful spot was appreciated already years ago!

At the end a quiz for my ‘Berliners’ – does the last photo remind you of something? 🙂

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7 thoughts on “(Inter)cambio de planes

  1. hahaha – when i saw the turkey i thought straight away: thanksgiving!!! haha…. once again, ur pictures are gorgeous. promise that when this trip is over, you’ll still post photos and stories, even of everyday life!

  2. Hi, that is cool. I like your blog a lot, thanks for keeping us updated about your american life 🙂
    By the way, is the last photo a mini version of the Berlin TV tower???

  3. Hi Anna
    It is realy nice that you are(seems) happy. Great pics and the last one likes our group pic which nacho lied down. I wish you fill good all the time. Miss you

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