Visiting ‘la carnicería’

“That’s not how you should do it, I will show you” – says Daniela pushing me away from the dishes. She takes a spoon and starts scratching up a bottom of the burned pot. And then she adds: “Papa will be very angry when he comes back and something is dirty.” How old do you think she is, that girl, who teaches me how to clean the dishes? 10? 12? 15? No, she is just 7 years old. Her family owns a meat shop and every afternoon, after school, instead of playing, she comes here to help. She knows how to organize the stuff, where each of the boxes should go. She knows better how to wash the burnt pots. And she also knows how to take care of the chickens. They live upstairs on the first floor, supplying the family with fresh eggs.

I came to the meat shop together with the guys from the intercambio, in order – as they put it – ‘to see the real life of the peruvian partners’. We stayed around a bit, cleaned the back room, carried the huge amount of pig feet from one fridge to the other, and ended up transporting a … trolley full of meat through half of the city!

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2 thoughts on “Visiting ‘la carnicería’

  1. Sometimes teaching has nothing to do with age, but with experience, with what life has to offer you…
    By the way, that’s a lot of meat, and looking so much better than the industrial meat in the “developed” world…

  2. That’s what I was hoping for here – better meat than in the ‘developed’ countries but got disappointed. The sad truth is that the meat industry has reached (almost) everywhere in the world.. And taking into account the statistics – Perú chicken production is 45 millions per month(!!) – how could all these chickens run freerly??

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