Niños y arte

Last Friday my school looked different than usual. A clown with a red nose was walking on the patio, surrounded by a crowd of happy children. Little kids from the first grade were dancing. Instead of everyday cloths there were colorful skirts and funny hats. And instead of bored faces waiting for the school bell to ring, there was laughter and singing.

This week our school celebrates its anniversary and Friday was the ‘artistic day’. Each class prepared a special program: there was music, dancing, pantomime, theater and singing. It reminded me a bit of the school celebrations we used to have years ago when I was a child: kids dressed black and white, telling poems or singing. Only in my school it was always put in the frame, well organized and therefore washed out of any spontaneity.  Here in Peru, it was pure life and joy.

The smallest kids from the first grades were dancing, wearing their sweet funny hats. Although completely without choreography they put in their act so much energy and expression! Only kids can dance like this – without thinking and without any shame!

The little guys from the second grade presented ‘daile de los viejitos‘ (dance of the elderly), a traditional peruvian song. The boys with their plastic glasses and white beards looked really funny!

There were also theater, pantomime and a comic act.

And finally, the oldest girls and boys presented traditional Peruvian dances. Their colorful dresses and passion were making up for any lacks in the choreography!

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