Huanchaco, the home of the pelicans

I visited Trujillo and the area for a couple of days at the beginning of November. And I left amazed by the city of Chan Chan, the huacas of Mochica and … the pelicans.

Just a 15 min bus ride from Truijillo lies the small village of Huanchaco. Years ago it used to be a tiny fishing village, where every morning the fishermen were going into the sea on their caballitos de totora. With the tourists coming, the village grew, as well as the number of bars and restaurants. Now most of the traditional boats, caballitos de totora, serve only as a tourist attraction. But out of the season Huanchaco still has a flavor of the fishing village that it used to be.

Apart of the fishermen and their families, the faithful habitants of Huanchaco are the pelicans. It was the first time that I have ever seen those birds and I could not stop looking. With their huge beaks and long neck they look a lot like a pterodactyl and a little bit like a duck. In fact, science says pelicans are the closest living relatives of the pterodactyl ancestors!

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